FINW - 05 EUW -06 SWEW - 06 Acktiva INKA

(Vajert Ihana x Valkohampaan Duvel)
born 09.04.2004
Owner: Kati Juvonen and Anders Sundell, Finland
Breeder: Annika Granlund-Kristola, Finland

Finnish Winner 2005
European winner 2006
Swedish winner 2006

Inka is really active dog, with even to mush energy. She would be a good agility dog, but we arenít intrested in it.
We are more interested in tracking, rescue and obedience and of cause dog shows
She might be mated this year or next, if she is healthy enough. So we are looking for a suitable mail for her.
If you have one do send me e-mail sennas(@) We will have a web site soon, but I will send the address.

Inka at 9 months, soon after we got her
Inka at European Winner 2006
Inka have been asked to be trained to a sea rescue dog

pictures from the finish speciality, were she became 2 best female