Here is a text which I wrote for a newspaper cynophile.

Many knows Atomium, witness of Brussels of the World Fair of 1958. Fewer, can locate it near to the Chinese House, in the heart of the Park of Laeken, septentrional suburb of Brussels. But how many can recognize the laekenois, most secret of the four varieties of Belgian Shepherds? Contrary to appearances, the laekenois has an osseous morphology strictly identical to the groenendaels, tervuerens and malinois, his/her brothers of race. However, several characteristics differentiate from it and personalize it, in particular its hair. Indeed, it is sometimes described as curly by some amateurs too in a hurry believing to recognize in him other extremely distant races, or a new mark resulting perhaps from the spontaneous generation antidarwinienne. The informed amateur, hear that which likes, would qualify his hair of hard, rough and dishevelled, length from five to six centimetres. Of black mask, its fawn-coloured dress shows traces carbonized on the muzzle and the tail.

That the laekenois is ignored fascinated my curiosity. My search guided me towards a stockbreeder as well serious as respected by its fellow-members. Conquered by the open and stable character of the string, I reserved a pup of a forthcoming range. I soothsayers thus one of the rare French owners of laekenois. This singularity made it answer in the name of Noah, Noah of Tangi Morgane. With the shelter of any flood, the producing arch of Tangi Morgane anchored to Courcelles de Touraine.

Thanks to producers always concerned to preserve all its qualities to him, the laekenois form, though minority, a very compact group within the race of the Belgian Shepherds.Of average size, of short construction, the laekenois impresses by its reflected intelligence, its spontaneousness selected, its courage and its rapids faculties of training. Everywhere, in shift as through wood, by any time, he will adore to accompany you. When with the return of a rainy output its hair is dirty or muddy, a serious blow of a brush with grains hair will disperse any stain. If it is wet, a vigorous drying with a terry towel will position back all. His presence being based with your shade will astonish you. Hating loneliness, he will thank you for your company with manners worthy of a cat.

In the same way he will show affection to children and grandchildren as a family that you would have built to him. Without fear, it will go from before with prudence. Stubborn person without provocation, the laekenois can have the corrosive one when it is needed. He will keep you like most invaluable of his treasures, and will look on you like largest of the idols. However, know that the education of the laekenois must be inflexible and honest. Your hand closes will have much tact, will respect its character so that your authority is accepted perfectly. Only at this price, all these innate qualities will be really acquired.

Henceforth, dear reader, you will recognize this variety and will retain its name. So that tomorrow, the laekenois is the best of your choices.

Yours sincerely
Pierre Riquet