Belgian Beauty

These two words give a very good impression of our holidays in Belgium. First there was the beauty of the province of Liege where we stayed for more than a week in the surroundings of the Spa. With beautiful sights and also beautiful weather. Second there was the beauty of two days full of Laeken dogs and-people. Nivelles, 29-04, the international Laekenday and Aalter, 01-05, the first worldshow of the Belgian Shepherdclubs. For outdoor shows the weather could be better. Especially Nivelles was a bit cold. But the warming sight of so many Laekenois and their owners and admirers, made this up very easily. Both days where well organised and had a nice atmosphere. As beginning breeders it was very nice to meet so many people and dogs. In the back of our head we are already looking for the ideal mating for our bitch Jente. We have seen very beautiful male dogs and made some contacts. After two days of talking and looking, searching and filming I left the show in Aalter. Tired, as I was I even forgot the award our dog had won in the open class bitches. (she was the only competing bitch, so that was easy) Not very polite to the organising people, here by I apologise to them. During the shows there were some things that attracted our attention We'd like to mention some of them:

- So there were David and Rhonda Smiley. They came from America with two dogs to show at Nivelles. Very nice dogs, especially the bitch. These people must be true Laekenlovers to take the trouble to do what they do.
- So we saw two black Laekenois, both very different in type, never seen one before.
- So we saw in Nivelles that one of the three dogs presented, was a direct child of Opium v. Kriekebos. Very beautiful dogs among them, but …. We are a bit afraid for the breed. Isn't it a bit too much? In Aalter there were less.
- So there was the high level of quality of the Scandinavian Laekens. We'd like them very much. And we aren't the only ones. Of course it was a pure coincidence, that Tequilla v.d.Duvetorre was in season during these days, but the fact that Pelsens Tazan II was asked for his services in Belgium, proves our statement.

- And there was the lovely story of Ben and Tilly v. Delden from the Netherlands, with my hero of the day in Aalter, their dog Max v.d.Duvetorre. Max is their first Laekenois. They got him from Johan Weckhuyzen. (v.d.Duvetorre)He was ment to be exported to Australia. There was an agreement that the v. Deldens should raise and socialise this dog during the year that is needed to follow al the official procedures. After that time Max would have to leave for Australia. During this year the van Deldens were getting more and more attached by the lovely Max. The leaving of him to Australia would be hard for them. But…… Lucky for them after a year the deal was cancelled and they could keep Max. The only service in return would be that the v. Deldens would bring Max out on the special in Aalter. So there they were, with Max, all three of them for the first time in their lives on a dogshow. Max, with some with the handling of a very nice lady with experience, did very well and won the second place in the open class males against eleven other beautiful dogs. The breeder, who saw Max on the show for the first time, after his leaving as a puppy was toughed by the quality and the nice character of the dog. There also was a person, who is writing a book on Laekenois (what do we know about this???) who asked permission for photos and mentioning Max in his book. It was a very special day for all of them and the Dutch club and the Laekenzine can welcome some new members.

v. Deldens & Max v.d. Duvetorre

End of this Laeken-tale
As always your humble and very satisfied reporter. Ton V.D. Walle

Some photos from the show in Nivelles here