2e International Laekenfunday at Maastricht (the Netherlands).

In 2002 the first International Laekenfunday was organised by “Gebelgd” on 7 juli 2002 .
The day after the World Winner there was a meeting at Wijdewormer in the Zaanstreek.
About 80 Laeken shepherds were there and made a new Dutch record .

The 2e Laeken Funday wil take place on Saturday zaterdag 31 may (with aprovement of the aktivity commision of the Duth club NVBH), again in combination with the world dogshow, this time in Dortmund at 1-6-2003.
The location of the Funday is at the other side of the country, in the south at Maastricht.
The distance Maastricht-Dortmund is just 200 km. The organisation of the funday is hoping that forreign Laekenpeople who are going to the woldshow also will come to the Funday. Because it is almost certain there will be much more Laeken gathered there Just like last year the Funday is a day for contact between admirers of this breed. A day of joy and charing expierences. A day of some extra attention to the Laeken breed.
There will be no judging or competition in show.
There will be some demonstrations in Flyball and agility and a posibillity to try the skils of your dog under supervision of experts.

Program of the day

· 10.00 uur. Welcome with coffee.
· 11.00 uur. Demonstration manwork (IPO) by McWilliams Siebe and Jos Keeman
· 12.00 uur. Demonstration flyball and free participation in a lesson.
· 13.00 uur. Demonstration agility and free participation .
· 14.00 uur. Demonstration manwork (IPO) by McWilliams Siebe and Jos Keeman
· 14.30 uur. Demonstration G&G 1 en 2.
· 15.00 uur. Kennelpresentation.
Kennels who want to join can sign in by e-mail hermans.dogmate@wolmail.nl or at the day itself..
· 17.00 uur. Goodbye

There are campings in the surrounding of Maastricht where you can stay with your dog.
Because the date of the Funday is in a holiday period it would be wise to take a reservation in time..

Staying at the Funday is for free the same goes for the parking.
For the organisation it is nice to know how many people are coming.
So give them a message in time, with how many people and dogs are coming
(If you don’t you can come in also)

Adress of the second Laeken funday:
Vereniging Behendige Huishond Maastricht
Mergelweg 332
Maastricht (wijk 12)
The Netherlands

We hope to see many Laeken pople and – dogs!!!!

Tovie en Peter Hermans Sint Josephstraat 13 6231 EC Meerssen Tel. 043-3647047 hermans.dogmate@wolmail.nl