Mc William's Michael makes it happen!!!

To: The Laekenzine CC: The Dutch- and Belgian clubmagazins From: Ton v.d. Walle (laekenzine reporter for the Netherlands) Date: 2001-06-18 Concerns: .Laekenfunday in Holland in 2002
A four-year-old Laeken sheepdog male turns out to be the indicator on what hopefully will end in: the first international Funday for Laekensheepdogs and Laekenlovers, in The Netherlands. Not only in his endless beauty, but also with some valuable offspring, he succeeded to gather the Belgian Laekenkennels: Nature's Best, v.d.Baarbeekhoeve and v.d.Schranshoeve and the Ductch kennels Mc William's, var Letsager and Tjamme's End, better known as "Gebelgd". Not bad for "a farmdog" that only once went to a show, just to get the breeding permission of the Dutch club. He was the motive for these Laeken kennels to come together, witch resulted in the intention to organise a Laekenfunday for owners and lovers of this breed on 7 July 2002 in Holland. As Mc William's Michael said: " Okay there is more ten a year to go, but this time will be needed to make it a big success. Tell it to all the people you know that might be interested. Think about this day and think about what you would like to do at this day and send your ideas to
One thing is for sure: there will be no judgement of individual dogs at this day. 
That will happen a day before this date on the Worldshow in Amsterdam.
The mean issues will be: fun, promotion of the breed, socialising of dogs and owners, dog talk and so. 
All for the sake of the Laekenbreed and you.

Any news on this day will be published at the laekenzine and in the Dutch and Belgian clubmagazins. 
In this way we will try to keep you informed.

(As your humble reporter I will do everything that's in my power to show you this mysterious
dog Michael,  that no one knows, who  gave this important impuls for the Funday  in July 2002).