Eighteen months "Gebelgd"

What did it bring us and was it hard to accomplish anything?

First and for all it brought us a lot of fun. 
And that dear people is the most important.
Breeding dogs is a nice hobby and hobby's are for joy, so fun is the most important piece.
Problems enough in breeding Laekenois, and sometimes we really are GEBELGD (read angry). 
But we are also very confidential. Any time we see each other, at a meeting (3 times a year), 
a show or a litter review we are having a good time. 
Working together with a few kennels is a nice thing to do. 
You get more feedback and you learn and hear more things.

What are our goals and what did we achieve?

The goals are:
	To breed social, healthy and beautiful Laeken Shepherds, 
if possible keeping working abilities.
	Make the Laeken a more common dog in our country than it is now. 
(Holland used to be the cradle of the Laeken)

Looking at these goals we didn't achieve much. 
But as you will understand these goals only can be achieved at the long run.

Little steps forwards are:

	A HUGE network (also on the account of the Laekenzine and the mailing list)
In the time we are together we know more people and Laekenois than in all the years before.

	International co-operation. Very important for a small breed like the Laeken

	We see some Belgian breeders follow our example by joining together in a group. 
Very sensitive!! We like that!! And we know they will have more fun in breeding.
As you know now, fun in breeding is the most important 

	In our club the NVBH, the Laeken is a very unimportant varity because of the 
small number. 
Older breeders do nothing with or according to the club. We think this is chancing 
slowly and we like that very much.

	When there are questions on the Laekenois in the club, people know how to find us. 
They know of the existence of GEBELGD.  And that is also very important we think.

Can't think of anything more at this time, but reading this I think 
we are doing well. Our dogs are doing okay at shows and first litters under GEBELGD are 
coming this winter and spring.
One thing is for sure; we will need a lot more time to make the improvement 
objective and measurable. But breeding is an activity for the long run.
And what I learned the past eighteen months is, that when you are breeding dogs there is a 
lot more important than only this breeding activity's.          
We go on with our job for pleasure and if there is anyone we can help or who can help us, 
just let us know!!

On behalf of "GEBELGD" Ton v.d.Walle