Sunday 10-10-1999 was the happening from the Dutch Belgian Shepherd Club.(NVBH)
The happening is ment for puppies , youngdogs until 18month's members and non members of the club.
In this unofficial way the club wants to give dogs and owners the opportunity to get acquainted 
to the dogshows.
There was a very large attendance, 197 dogs were presented. Among them were 9 Laeken Shepherds. 
They were presented in different classes: 
A: 3 until 6 month's,  B:6 until 9 month's, C: 9 until 12 month's and  D: 12 until 18 month's.
Best of class 	A: Yio van de Duvetorre.
		        B:  Mc William's Jente Bitch and Nature's Best Xception Male
		        D:  Mc William's Jerom

Best Laeken Shepherd was Mc William's Jente. In total of all Variety's she became  3e.
Among the 9 Laeken there were 6 Mc William's dogs. 
That was because there was a possibility for breeders to get a judgement on a litter. 
Wim Baptiste managed to get 5 dogs from his last litter together and got a good judgement 
on this litter from his bitch Mc William's Frieda

We met lots of people and had a very nice day.

Ton v.d.Walle


nr 1 is Mc William's jerom
nr 2 is Naturesbest Xception
nr 3 is Mc William's Jente
nr 4 is the Mc William's nest
nr 5 is an impression of a lovely laekenday