The Laekenois, this unknown!

When looking into some old books the information that i found made me think that: 
The standard says that the Laekenois should be elegant, between 
58 and 64 cm in height, hard fur,rough, disheveled and with 6 cm 
of length in the torso, shorter on the limbs especially in snout 
and beneath the chamfer so that it does not hide the distinguishing
features of the head . 
Most of the Laekenois are not in the Standard.
The biggest faults are:
-         Stronge head
-         Head heavely coverd with fur 
-         Lack of elegance
-         Fur not hard enough
-         Too much fur
-         Small size
-         Lack of stronge Bones
-         Type very different from the other 3 varieties.
The perfect Laekenois is very similar to Quina-Quarterone
The old photos of the Laekenois prove that they are true Belgians Sheperds
The Laekenois is a Belgium Sheperd like the others so it should be similar to them. We shouldn't breed dogs of the old Dutch type; Dogs with too much fur, lack of elegance and type. After 1945, in Holland, laekenois were breed with Bouviers and other Airdales.
This resulted in a Laekenois that in nothing resembled the true Belgium Sheperd , therefor should be eliminated from blood lines.
It is necessary to work in order to obtain true laekenois of the original type that are first and foremost true Belgium Sheperds.
This is how we will make the Laekenois a Belgium Sheperd similar to the other 3 varieties. Serge Mousty Belgium