We want to thank the people that made it possible to keep this day free from entry:
Motel "De Wouwse Tol", the NVBH ( Dutch club for Belgium Sheperds)
Fokgroep Gebelgd and Kennel Longfields from Suzanne de Lange.
Further more we want to thank all the people that helped us to make this day such a perfect day!
We can not do this alone and we are very happy to see that so many Laekenois lovers made this day a very special one!

Jenny and Cees de Rooij.

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Laeken Fun Day 2005, Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands June 19.th

Pictures here

It was a very warm and sunny day, the fourth Dutch Laeken Fun Day last

this time it was organized by Cees and Jenny de Rooij, the owners of Sunred
s Arvik van Tazan II. 

They have done a lot of publicity before the Fun Day, so there was a record
of about 80 Laekens present during the day!

Jenny and Cees, and all the people who helped making this day a big success:

There was lots to see and do with your Laeken, but because of the heat
everything was done in a little more relaxed way than normally, when it
would have been 10 degrees less hot. Fortunately there was some shadow
provided by the organization, so everyone could keep their dogs relatively

During this day we enjoyed various demonstrations: schutzhund demo, tracking
demo, clicker-practice demo, flyball demo, doggy-dance demo and agility-demo
 There was also a possibility to try and do these dog sports with your own
dog, of course guided by trainers.

There was also a dog behaviour therapist present, who gave a mini seminar
about different topics. 

There also was a little shop where everyone could spend some money at dog

The terrain of KC Scheldezoom was terrific, lots of space and a nice club
home, where you could drink and eat all kinds of things.

There were people from at least 5 different countries: Holland, Belgium,
Germany, Great Britain and Denmark. It was great to meet a lot of people you
only knew from the Laekenois list or other lists/forums. 

During the day there was a group picture made. There were about 75 Laekens
at the picture, this was quite unique to look at!

It was really great to see that all the dogs were this close together, and
nothing happened between any of them!

After the group photo Peter Hermans (Shepherds Dogmate) thanked the Dutch
Breeding Group Gebelgd for their good work with a medal for all the members
of this Breeding Group. 

At the end of the day there was the Kennel Presentation, and after that the
Laeken Fun Day was coming to an end.

I am already looking forward to the next one!

I made a selection of the pictures I made during this day. More pictures are
to be viewed at my web-log: http://laekenseherders.web-log.nl 

The comment is also in English this time!

Suzanne de Lange

LongFields Laekenois