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Korad IPO Allert
                  F. 960629
                  E. Dkch Don
U. Such Intuch Korad Lacken-Vacken Charlotte Backson

Allert is in: IPO I
                  Obediance Class III
                  Tracking Class I
                  Training for Swedish Protectionwork

Allert has got the mentaltested title KORAD

Allert passed the swedish policedogtest with exellent 
results as follows:

Big prey drive (a lot of fighting spirit)
Moderate sharpness
Moderate defense drive
Moderate courage
Good nervs
Stabile under gunfire

Comments: Dominant male with a positive nature. 
Will do exellent as a patroldog. Bites under all circumstances.

Allert is in duty as a securitydog, Falck Security, Malmoe

Allert is also Clubsieger in obediance 1999

Allert also have CERT; CACIB in shows

Owner: Cecilia Rotenius & Mats Eriksson Malmoe, Sweden
E-mail: matscecilia@post.netlink.se