Fade reddish, with black hair mainly on the front of the muzzle and tale. A little white is tolerated on the breast and toes.

The hair is rough and of a harsh state, which further appears disorderly. The length of the hair is noticeably the same on all parts of the body, about 6 cm. The air around the eyes, and the hair garnishing the muzzle may not be excessive, so that they would resemble to a Barbet or a Briard. The existence of a hard, rough beard and moustache on the muzzle is mandatory. The tail does not form a plume.

Medium sized, well-proportioned, intelligent, sturdy, used to live in open air, able to resist the changing seasons and the changing circumstances from the Belgian climate. By his harmony of form and his majestic carriage the Belgian Shepherd gives the impression of elegance and robustness, which is part of the heritage from the very careful selected dogs and working breed.
Besides his inborn ability to guard the flock, he is an exceptional watchdog to house and hearth.
If necessary he is without any hesitation a determinant defender of his master.
He is vigilant and alert; his lively and inquisitive look shows his intelligence.

The head is finely chiselled, long without exaggeration and lean. The skull and muzzle are approximately the same length, at most, a very slight advantage for the muzzle. This gives the whole head an impression of admirable finishing.
The rhinal mirror: black, with well-opened nostrils.
Average in length, narrowing gradually toward the nose. The upper line of the muzzle is straight; and seen in profile it is parallel to an imaginary line drawn from the skull. The mouth is well split.
Thin in texture, well tightened, strongly pigmented, the red of the inside of the lips may not be visible.
Clean, very flat although well muscled.
The jaw is furnished with strong regular white teeth, who are strongly implanted in a very well developed jawbone. The scissors bite, which means that the incisors from the upper jaw have to glide over the under jaw, without losing contact. A "pincer" bite is permitted and preferred by the herdsmen and cattle driver.
Moderate, but clearly marked.
Eyebrow bows
They don't stick out, the muzzle is well chiselled under the eyes.
Medium width in proportion to the length of the head, viewed from the front the skull is rather flat than round, the line over the forehead is not accentuated, and seen in profile, the upper line of the skull is parallel to an imaginary line drawn from the muzzle.
Medium size, neither prominent nor deep set, almond shape, brown in colour, preferable dark, eyelids are black. Their look is direct, lively, intelligent and questioning.
High set, triangular, carried well-pricked, both equal in length. The concavity of the ear
is well-curved at the base.
Slightly arched.
Solid skeletal structure, lean with strong musculature.
The should blades are long and sloping, securely and closely attached, forming with the upper arm an angle sufficient to insure the free movement of the elbows.
Upper arm-bones
They move in a direction parallel to the longitudinal axis of the body.
Long and well-muscled.
Middle feet
Strong and short, the joints are smooth without any signs of rachitis.
Nearly round, the toes are curved and quite compact. The pads are dense and elastic,
the nails are dark and strong.
The body is powerful without heaviness. The length, measured from the point of the shoulder to the end of the hipbone is approximately equal to the height at the withers from a male. With females, the length can go slightly beyond the height of the withers.
Seen from the front, the breast is not too broad, without being narrow.
Not to broad, but in compensation, deep and inclined, like all the animals that must have a great stamina.
The thoracic cage is encircled by ribs that are arched in the upper part.
Lines of the back
(Back and Loins): Straight, broad and powerfully muscled.
Moderately developed, neither hanging nor tucked up. It prolongs, in a harmonious curve,
the line under the chest.
Very slightly sloped. Broad without exaggeration.
Powerful without heaviness, moving in the same plane as the forequarters.
The legs are perpendicular to the ground.
Broad and well muscled. The knee joints are located approximately perpendicular under the hips.
Long, broad, muscled and good angled in the hocks without exaggerating. The hocks are low placed, broad and muscled. Seen from the rear, they must be perfectly parallel.
Middle feet
Solid and short. Dewclaws are unwanted.
Slightly oval, with the toes curved and compacted, dense and elastic pads. The nails are black and strong.
The tail is well set and of medium length, extending to the hocks. At ease, the dog carries it at the level of the hock, with the tip slightly curved toward the rear. In action, the dog raises it higher and accentuates the curve towards the tip, without at any time forming a hook or a deflection.
To long fur, silky, curled, waved or short hair. To long hair around the eyes and the under jaw. Dense hair on the tail.