The Laekenois breedinggroup in the Netherlands !

W. Baptiste, Donkerbroek
M. Busscher, Alkmaar.
Petra Colijn & Ton v.d.Walle, Beerta.

All situated in the North of the Netherlands. There even is a chance that there is fourth breeder who also is interested.
At first sight no world shocking news, but when you are familair with the situation, you will know, that this new breedinggroup
is almost bigger then the total of Laekenois breeders in the Netherlands.
You can say that this initiative is the result of alarming news about the situation of the Laekenois population in the Netherlands.
We hope that we can give a new inpuls to the population of this very nice variety of the Belgium Shepherd.
We are open for suggestions and if there are people, that think they can help us, they are very welcome.
Says: Petra Colijn & Ton v.d.walle


In Dutch that is the name of our breedinggroop. Literal translated it says Belgianised 
but the pure meaning in Dutch and Flemish is : angry
And it's true that we are a bit angry about the situation  of the Laekenois 
in the Netherlands. In former days the Netherlands for a long time was the cradle 
of the Laekenois. Now it is almost the oposit. 
GEBELGD, is a groop of enthousiast people, (three couples) who are very 
fond of the Laekenois and who want to change this situation. 
They also think that working as a groop they will achieve more 
and that it will ad an extra dimension to their hobby. 
Our first meeting was at Donkerbroek at 18/4/1999. 
Remarkeble fact is that one of us  Frouwkje Wierda, is a breeder of the 
Dutch Fuzzi sheepdog for 30 years. As you know the Dutch Fuzzi sheepdog is related 
to the Belgian Fuzzi Sheepdog (laekense). Her friend for life, Wim Baptiste is breeding 
Laekenois for a long time. A unique combination those two. 
They form the experienced part in our groop. The others are a bit younger and they 
are less experienced but they compensated that with enthusiasme.
Yes it still is very premeture, but we hope it will be a change and that it will give new 
impulses for the Laekenois in Holland.

On behalf of "Gebelgd",
Ton v.d.Walle, (P.R)
Oudeweg 35,
9686 VA Beerta,
The Netherlands. 
Tel 31597332020.