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Speciale Bergers Belges
Turhout (Belgium)
9:th of May 1999
Judge: Abel Renard (B)

The Laekenois where very well represented at the Belgian special with 26 entries, 22 where present to be judged.
Slowly the Laekenois is becoming popular again amongst the lovers of the Belgian Shepherds, wich is positive.
Itīs important to notice that there where as many Laekenois as Malinois entered this day,
this must be the first time at a special and it shows that the Laekenois is in full rise.
The day passed under a magnificent springsun.

Then, what was the profit of the judging ?
First of all a development of the heads, wich generally are well Belgian Shepherd-dog typed
(you donīt any longer see, as often before "Bouvier" heads with broad skulls and too much fur)
It seems like the belgian breeders works in the same direction to get the Laekenois typical "Belgian".
The ears are sometimes still a little to long and the angulations in front are often straight.
The females has a construction wich tend to be slightly long.

Two very well known and very beautiful dogs got the CCīs
Among the dogs: Sr Ch. Upsilon Des Fauves de Saline
Among the bitches: Sr Ch. Sheena Van de Duvetorre, who also where BEST IN SHOW.
One could notice: Sr Ch. Otje Van Kriekebos (sister of Opium) despite her 8 years..
and Vlocke Van de Duvetorre , with the beautiful and most expressive head.
The quality was this year superior amongst the females.

The Laekenois has developed very strong the recent years Belgium.
One thing is true, Belgium has once again become, by rights, the true native country for the Laekenois
(after a number of years of unfaithfullness)
When it comes to the population and the number of births, the quality is ascending for every year.

Bernard Rie
Des Fauves de Saline

Results and photos here