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LaekenVideos - all the cool clips

Zara van de Duvetorre doing some agility
on August the 2nd at a contest in Belgium (Liège) - 832 kb

A Laekenmale tested with gunshots - 2,8 MB
Old black & white sequence with Laekenois - 3,5 MB Low Quality
Old black & white sequence with Laekenois - 7,7 MB High Quality
Agility with Upsilon - 3,4 MB Exe-file

Right click and choose "Save As..." to download the videos.

We are the Laeken
LaekenZine Millennium
Saturday Night Laeken
All Your Laeken Are Belong To Us

The videos are encoded i WMV V8, 
and therefore you will need Windows Media Player 6.4 or higher...