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Standard and background
Standard of the laekenois | Origin of the Laekenois | The history of the Laekenois

Standard och historik - p svenska

The Laekenois, this unknown
Article by Serge Mousty (B) about the coat.

Announcement about the 2:nd Laeken FunDay 2003 in Holland
This time held in Maastricht

Article from the N.V.B.H clubpaper
The Laeken Funday in Wijde Wormer

Article in German
Children from Chernobyl visits...

Funday in Holland 2002
Published by Ton v.d.Walle

"Breederseye" A very interesting article
Published by Ton v.d.Walle

A story about a wonderful Laekenois....By Bernard Rie
The Opium van Kriekebos story / L'histoire de l'Opium van Kriekebos

Eighteen months "Gebelgd"
Published by Ton v.d.Walle

Belgian Beauty
A personal view of the shows in Belgium 29/4 - 1/4 -00

Laekenois in South Africa
Older story from-86

Pierre Riquet, owner of No de la Tangi Morgane
Writes about the breed

This morning I got a letter...
Read more

An old story about a messenger dog
Read more

Holland - Belgium, and the right type
An article you must read

Some older articles, still very interesting to read:

--- Some thoughts around the Clubshow in Orleans, France Aug. -99 ---
--- French Speciality Orlens 1999 - Sujet Recommandes ---
--- Reportage from Holland Okt-99 ---
--- Read about "Gebelgd"
Interesting article
from our Dutch reporter ---